What do we do now doctor? Asked buster as the fear of seeing his only son dead looks unbearable to him. Have done my possible best but as I said earlier, his life span has been cut short and he has less than five months to live and that’s if we give him all the required medications. Buster couldn’t hold back his tears. He loves Neil more than he even loves his mother. You don’t need to ask who the father is once you see Buster and Neil. Thank you doctor we’ll work towards the medication he said as he left the doctor’s office. At the edge of the entrance into their ward he saw Neil smiling and saying something to his mother he looks so cheerful thought Buster. Maybe he doesn’t know what has hit him yet just five months to live. Buster decides not to tell him but to make the last five months of his life the most remarkable. ‘Look who’s back said Neil upon sighting his father at the entrance. Buster forced on a smile as he entered the room.
It all started two months ago when Neil couldn’t breath before he passed out. Buster had driven past speed limit on his way to the hospital and it took more than thirty minutes before they were able to revive Neil. After several test, they discovered the problem to be cancer of the lungs already stage four. If care is not taken warned the doctor there might soon be occurrence of linings in his heart and Pancreas. The discovery sent down heavy tears  from his eyes as he looked at the unconscious Neil while he was still in the ICU. He looks so helpless and fragile. His hand feels cold. He prayed this all to be a dream and that someone would wake him but none of It happened. Many treatment mechanisms were used; Radiations, Surgery and Chemotherapy.  The fear of damaging his immune system made them stop. Neil is okay now but he’s dying slowly and he doesn’t know it.
Sarah! You can’t do this Buster shouted. He’s our child and because he has a freaking cancer doesn’t mean we should neglect him. Buster you know he won’t last any longer yet you keep on lavishing the whole family money on him. Sarah he’s my child my only son if I should sell the whole house because of him its worth it replied Buster. That’s fine! Why don’t you just let go of me and keep living with your living dead son in this psychotic world of yours snapped Sarah as she made for the door with the rest of her belongings. Buster’s life seems to be tearing apart all of sudden. Son’s sick his mother left. He broke down in tears as Sarah started her car and zoomed off. Little Neil had been watching all the action that unfolded and while hugging his father with tears in his eyes he had asked him if truly he’s going to die soon as he had heard his mother say. No! No! No! Neil nobody’s dying don’t mind Mom said Buster as he was trying to comfort Neil. Let’s go have some breakfast uhn? Or you’re not hungry asked Buster grinning at his look alike. Neil nods his head in confirmation of what has been asked.
Daddy! Daddy! Wake up! Wake up. Buster had slept late yesterday. He had been thinking about Neil all night long. Trying to find a means of ending Neil’s issue. The only possibility of saving him is if he can get a million dollars for the treatment but where is he ever going to get that. After he left the army five years ago he had been struggling to live a normal life and paying the bills. What’s he going to do? Was what has been on his mind after he received a call from Dr. Stones who informed him about the new therapy. Neil doesn’t know yet that he has cancer. The only thing still bothering him is the departure of his mother from home.
The Shark Habour is the only pub in shackleton. Old and worn-out and probably not save for business but here in his home town no gives a damn about it. He had brought Neil for visiting to his grandparents and Neil is more than exciting to be here. Buster had taken more than six rounds of beer trying to get his mind straight and relieved from all of the disturbances and issues. Someone ordered beer beside him and from his look and accent Buster believes him to be of Spaniard background but you rarely see them around here was what caused the amazement.  His muscular torsos, huge body appearance and hard skinned face gives him an appearance of someone who had started his life in the regiment. As he turned to leave, the air blew the loose collar of his shirt revealing a tattoo at the rear end of his neck. Surprised by this. Buster wondered how he got it because only those who have served in the army gets that type of marking. Buster held him by the arm and unbelievably it turned out to be Diego Spas.  Buster?


Their last mission together was the rescue of a senator who had been kidnapped by the KIMONOS. The terrorist group with the most wild spread network in the country. The operation had been going on well until there was a counter attack on them.  The whole ground team was struck down and Buster who had been the sniper man remained undiscovered as the camouflage blended well with the tree. He was fortunate to have made it out alive before the dead bodies were blown to pieces. He had always known that there was a loophole in the regiment. The KIMONOS have agents and eyes in the regiment. To keep his head on his body, he had decided not to return to the regiment but to live a lowkey life with his son and his wife. What are you doing here in this remote part of the country? Asked Diego who is surprise to be meeting Buster here.


Diego had held back from the operation after he got news of the counter attack. One of the big names in the regiment had set them up and set them on the mission. Buster was left speechless after Diego told him that he pulled back from the mission after he made the discovery. Why didn’t you inform us all said Buster who had lost all his teammate and best friends to the mission. As I told you earlier, the KIMONOS have eyes all over the place and doing that is like making a death wish so I had to make a run for it explained Diego.  Nothing is more horrific than the war front thought Buster as his mind flashed back to the days while he was still the best eagle eye sniper shooter. He was the best they ever produced. There had been a time while on a peace mission in Syria fighting against the ISIS where he had fired a shot from a distance of more than a kilometer that had brought down their leader then.   The respect the killing got him should have incited a promotion but all he ever got were praises. The network is corrupt ans he knows that well. There have been many instances to prove that. Once had he killed a member of the KIMONOS and he saw with him an M-16. An improved model of the M-13 with an improved Magazine and further firing range and handling. They are only available to the Army. How  he got it he was wondering before Butler had shot down an approaching insurgent right across the corner to where he was. The bullet had struck him by the right part of the skull that sent it shattering from the influence of the 13 millimetre callibre. While he was in the army he had preferred a heckler & koch PSG-1 with a hensoldt 6×42 sniper rifle sight. All of this he has forgotten and chosen a new life for himself but it seems it’s coming back to him.


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