FormaL Education and indifferent Attitude of her learners.

Many a time respected individuals,legendaries,icons have described formal education as that which can  incite positivity in a society. One of my favourite quotes is that of the South Africa legend,the late Nelson Mandela: a Man that fought tirelessly for the freedom of the blacks during the apartheid  era (1948-1990) said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world “. He like many other express their belief that the  advent of formal education will bring forth the desired positive change.

However, reverse is the’s saddening and disheartening that learners of this so called formal education has failed to reciprocate the values embedded in the Education they acquire. it is not an hearsay that learners of modest education fair well than the much respected learners of formal education :especially in terms of moral conduct and this makes me ponder what has gone wrong with formal education  geared towards moulding good citizenry .

It is indeed pitiable that  the students who are learners of subjects like civic education which does not only frown at cultism but emphasize on the consequences inherent still engage in cultism, it’s surprising that this individuals who are being taught that examination malpractice is a vice to be shunned still cheat during examinations and it’s saddening that this students being enlightened  about their duties and obligation as  a citizen still go about destroying and vandalising government property they are obliged to protect .This act of vandalism and destruction of governmental property by young individuals who are learners of formal education  is the last straw that broke the camels back .few weeks ago the news of some students of a state owned school in the pacesetter state who in reaction to the  new education policy of “no automatic promotion” attacked their schools with fettish objects,sharp objects and consequently set ablaze classrooms  makes me wonder when formal education was restructured  to  breed rogues?

With the attitude of learners of formal education it is evident that formal education has lost her  place as an instrument of positive change as a result of the failure of her learners to reciprocate the values embedded therein and now I believe it’s high time we started finding an alternative, yes! Another powerful weapon which can bring about the much desired change….


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