You’re from a very poor family. You lack the basic amenities of life. You with the rest of the family stay at your dilapitating grandpa’s house. Over a century roofing shedding because of all this you can’t make it in life. How pathetic. optimism! small a word but does a lot. What makes you a human being? the fact that you live in a mansion or ride the best car? no! the life you have is what really makes you what you are. Haven’t you heard of the last day? How men would be stripped of all honors and tittles and stay unclad with the rest of the world. You see! Not so much difference anyway but we do look down on ourselves too much. To live a better life you have to think deeply. Right from the beginning time, was there a class difference between the people. NO! but some were smart enough to quickly realize opportunities faster than the others. You attempted to be a king in a place but didn’t make it then why don’t you gather a group of people and form your own town. back then where there was no way they created alternatives. Wait! no one becomes rich all of a sudden. It took generations to achieve. first the family head was able to acquire some clothing for them though they were still wanderers. The second family head get them a cave to live in. the next inline gets some livestock to be reared to earn money. now! after illustrating how it takes a gradual patient process to be become rich then presently it can be done quickly. what makes you rich? is it the fact that you’re living off the other people’s toil or you realized everything you have yourself. Our haste to get rich all of a sudden is what is really affecting us because a friend of yours got into some business and became a millionaire doesn’t mean you’d make the same success story. we all came to this life with different purposes. If you really want to make it then stop talking the talk and walking the walk. If this hasn’t been working out for you why not try something else. If your dad can’t pay your fees don’t give up remember its your life and what it becomes depends on you. Try raising some fund in a legal way. Your head is big your brain is large why are you still stupid. Your eyes can see every good thing around you why are you still crashing into poverty. Your hands can catch why not grab every chance. your leg are in the perfect conditions why sit down all day long waiting for success to come your way. The perfect thing you deserve might be gotten by someone who’s relentless in his or her endeavors. before your way of making it and becoming something in life vanishes, why don’t you stand up to every situation knowing fully well that NO DREAM IS TOO BIG\


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