How I wish Someone can see, 

How I’d love someone to know, 

Wish You See the pain behind the smile, 

Love you know the fear that grip the supposed joyous heart 

But no one seems to know

No one seems to be aware 

Everyone seems to be ignorant :

Ignorant of the  anguish,

Hence I act as if nothing is amiss 

Pretence took over, 

I faked the smile, 

I faked the joyful feeling, became unreal 

Became an actor, played my role well

unbelievably I Pulled through and solely I  conquered 

And now all that are gone, 

I no longer entertain pretence 

I became real again 

I came back alive once again 

Finally happy as I have pretended to be 

Breakthrough!,victory!,is my new tune.