A Thousand and One. 

A thousand day and one  yet we keep on believing in your existence and just when our hope seems gloomy the emancipation of  a score and one illuminates our hope. Then our optimism strengthened and our prayers re-kindled  oh! Yea, we no longer pray in words ,fire is what takes place of our words we no longer have words for supplication all we do have  we have exhausted.

We want you all to know we care about you ,everyone of you. even though the actual number  you are is very uncertain. nonetheless don’t be bitter and sullen by those who insist you were never gone and thus insensitive to your plight. we love you Aaliyah, Aisha we care about you, Miriam we long to see you, we know, we understand,how it is,how you live daily in fear, in agony of the beast of the bush and fear of the rapist who puts you in a family way at such a  tender age when your peers :Tolulope, Nkechi, zainab are all enjoying what led you into pain. We say hate not education Even though your quest for it led you into the strange world you now dwell in for years now. hate not knowledge, embrace not ignorance .

Our lovely sisters cheer up ,our brave, courageous men of war are more than ever determined to give you a new lease of life,  resilient to secure your emancipation , kill the killers, bombard the bombers, maim your transgressors and free you all from your Hosts.    So our sisters cheer up, the new dawn is here, soon you are going to be victorious  and a new tune with Joy you all will sing.

#captivity                                                                        #oursisters                                                                  #Chibok                                                                      #athousanddayandone.



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