Oh! The journey was stressful, exciting and annoying as the woman who sat beside me kept on shifting her bag thinking something might happen. Stories to tell, memories to recall and yes, events to note. Ever travelled out of Lagos? Like outta Lagos state through a commercial bus. mehn! the realization of the statement “change begins with me” is fully understood. *Hess! *stop there! You’d hear the thunderous voice order. That kind of voice that reboots the settings of your body to default and calms you down to obey. If it was to be a policeman that called the driver down he would have squeezed some praises for the policeman in his palms but he was almost slapped when the soldier stretched out his hands and folded them back empty. *you dey mad he shouted The gods must indeed be crazy today but wait fellaz, what exactly is the problem of this our country. I mean even military people are ready to receive tokens for people to bypass the law because the driver actually didn’t have a driver’s license. if their integrity can be bought this cheap what more if they were offered a huge amount of money to leak government’s secret. The terrorism we are trying to fight to me resides in us all. Imagine same was the sad fate of those IDP campers when an aircraft operator released air strikes on one of the IDP camps thinking it’s a boko haram hideout.

For God’s sake are you not tired? Driving on a highway and coming across police checkpoints where they’re not even needed. Imagine! On this same road is where police would be lurking about where highway robberies never take place. You’d see them kilometers away from where they’re needed. Jam-packing themselves so as to be able to sell their integrity quickly. In fact it’s now a form of competition as you’d see them appearing in different classes. There are those that accept #100 and those who would collect nothing less than #200 from you. Nothing new. Would keep on counting the number of unnecessary checkpoints that we have but i have a message for the government.

‘I have been asked to work towards a dream and achieve it
I have been asked to see a goal and chase it
grow up to build this great nation beyond the clouds
give it a new name, look and identity
well, all of that i would live to achieve
whether you’re alive to witness it or not

where’s the future to pursue
the aim to look up to or the encouragement
where there’s no will there can’t be a way
it saddens my heart to notice
the growing numbers of young illiterates who roam the streets dumping education for a hard life
preferring the hard life to staying in class
it’s not their fault. It has never been

To you leaders who want to prove the saying “blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt” right, well I’d say you’re wrong. We’re not growing up to inherit but to make a change and a noticeable one to be precise. We might be watching from #high_places, observing in discretion but the truth is we’re tired and soon enough things would be different cos it won’t be your time again, the coming generation would have grown up.



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