Nature in its haste
to bring an explosion of beauty
put itself on the cross
burning spills of fire
as creature squander about

The essence of it not felt
the blessing bestowed wasted
man came in his own image
to undo the creations
of their own abode

Some live to see it stay
others wait to see it in history
forgotten away like the rain of yesterday
ignorance hasn’t been a disease
it has been killing

Ever taken time to examine the blessing
the peaceful tend it brings
the nostalgia of yesteryear
the eldorado of the day before
now becomes the fracas

Our nature should be experience
as we bring it down on it kneels
God hath given it free
but we have taken it down
with the very last blood in us

Man had forgotten that word that
no head without the brain
no world without life
let grief absorb us out
of our mistakes yesteryear


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