You all go about breaking hearts. getting things done your way. You call yourselves ‘ballers’ ‘players’ while not minding the harm done to the weaker vessels. You go about boasting about how many names have entered your list or how many ladies you’ve lied to. What you call a life is what others see as disgusting. Little wonder why most never grow up to have a settled home. BARREN! USELESS OFFSPRING! then you start blaming women who don’t have feathers talk less of transforming into witches. Have you forgotten the numerous fake promises you made or the curses that has been leashed out on you. What goes around must surely come around. Watch every step you take fellow men for this our God knows all and sees all. lets stop incurring wrath on ourselves.
Why do you find it challenging putting on a long cloth that covers your nakedness. Must it all be exposed? why dress to be sexy when you don’t want to be hunted for sex. All will smile at you and promise you a good life but believe me once they are done they are gone. Men claim to be good liars and ladies keep on encompassing themselves in these lies. He doesn’t own a house yet he promised an apartment. Doesn’t own a bike yet he keeps on telling you about the car that’s being shipped. Have ladies become brain dead? That its so hard to distinguish between the good and the bad. Why not preserve yourself for that single gainfully employed man who will not only see to your needs but also fulfill all his promises. YOUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS SMASH IT OR GUARD IT


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