I lost my mind to an open sea
my pilot haven’t forgotten me
the tides seem so strong
how could this be done alone
Life! a test of faith

Ever taken time to examine the mind
how frail it decides choice
a greater force exerts one
influence of a great nature
only the strong survives

We try to endeavor to try
perfection of the mind we seek
destruction of it inertly we felt
the fear that made us pray good
once again did evil

The slow but steady race
doesn’t work with the test
the fast but steady have
taken time to explore vastly
the essence of having a soul

Destruction in ignorance
poverty in wretchedness
who understands the test of the mind
the great has fallen in the day
the little ones have being winning

Human beings as an element of creation
took judgement too quiet a time
none has understood seriously
the mind as a means
of greater connection to the above

Insinuating the religious beliefs
alongside realistic superstitions
exist is no direct explanation
to the mystery behind
the mind that controls the soul


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