I keep on nodding my head to every situation. Trying to pull through while disregarding the obstacle but the trials never ignored me. They all came hitting even when i never expected. Life has blown air all over me. My cloths not strong enough to bear left me to disperse i was left unclad. Too shamed to cover myself i wasn’t alone. All of us were facing the reality of life. When your mobile phones can’t call for help or your inhaler help in breathing. Motionless we all stood rooted to a spot like old Chinese antiquities ignorant of what has befallen us. No differences between us all. No one can tell if one has ever driven a Bugatti or owned a mansion in Missouri. All life endeavors seem to have been in vain. Fathers couldn’t help sons and mothers keep on running away from infant daughters. There was the urge to speak but what is there to say. The whole world seems to have transformed into a plain ground and all worldly materials gone. Everyone grown from their coccyx. The sun not needed to illuminate again. The shame we thought we kept concealed revealed before us all. Wanted to shed tears but eyes empty of water. Thought of running but my leg was so stiff the whole world together couldn’t move it an inch. It then dawn on me that the only asset left is my soul. Didn’t pay for my spiritual self but have got a reckoning to do about the usage. The time for all masters to be stripped of tittles and stand side by side with their servants as fellow men. There’s only a Master now. Who dare look Him in the face? Some doubted the existence but before the time comes for us to be in regrets, let’s make a swift change and fall back on our heels to our God. Hell is a place you wouldn’t wish for your most hated enemy.


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