” “It takes a patriotically intelligent mind to elect a patriotic and intelligent  leader ”

A few weeks ago, UITEs subscribe to the “patriotic intelligentsia ” agenda for we conceive that we as patriotic and intelligent student of the number one institution in Nigeria we need to be led by someone who is patriotic and not less intelligent than we ourselves. And so we elected en masse Our desired patriotic leader. 

 It is unarguable that UITEs are intelligent,of course “an average UITE is a genius.”However, the bone of contention is are UITEs patriotic? Should  a patriotic UITE “sly” Congress where an important decision is to be made?  No, patriotism entails devotion, support and love. It’s disheartening to note that the self acclaimed patriotic hunks and bevies  were no where to be found where a crucial decision is being made.  Going by the words of the students’ union president there are  “about 30,000 UITE ” and roughly a thousand were around to decide the fate of the union. 

Any implication?  Yes that’s the focal point of this piece. So a thousand out of thirty of thousands said there should be roadblock of federal roads, shutdown of Ibadan, frustrate effort of the management in ensuring the examination hold come Tuesday. It’s imperative to note at this junction that the Congress is the highest decision making body of the union and it’s decision binding on the Union’s executives even the number one patriotically intelligent UITE.  The decision made is not my pre-occupation but the reactions that trailed it .

From Zik down to Indy all the way to Idia and Awo and coming back to Kuti just a mile away from tedder and mellamby and to our dearest Queens hall of residence  UITEs expressed their displeasure  ” why don’t they allow us write exams “, ” ojo don’t seem to know what he’s doing”, ” both ojo and olayinka are stubborn, we will spend months at home ” all this needless outcries filled the atmosphere. Oh yes! Needless for it is the voice of UITE who did not leave the comfort of their room to come and be part of the decision, cries of “unpatriocally apathetic intelligentsia “, rants of unconcerned citizen of the premier university .  

The voices, outcries, rants makes me wonder if indeed this people  knew the decision of the Congress was going to affect the entirety of UITEs yet they sat back?  Of course a few were against the resolution of embarking on protest and not sitting for examination but this a democratic dispensation where 16 is never greater than 19 (not the democracy of P. D. P, a few should remember this) so the “minority” have the say, for the vast majority sat back and leave the decision making to a few. 

In this regards I say :

Of what need is your cries ?

Of what importance is your rants?

Of what use is the registering of your displeasure?

When you fail to register your displeasure ,

To make known your voice,

And scream aloud your rants 

When it was worthwhile 

When it was needed 

When it’s expected 

When it counts  .

Moral lesson : decision making is a collective duty, when you fail to participate those that did will make decision on your behalf .



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