So I can’t match the level

The one the latter left unbeaten 

I can’t bear your ever increasing burden 

My little lot can’t do 

My work pays off but in wages 

Not even to go a date can it afford 
My heart speaks and I listen 

It sings the songs of joy 

Pipered by the lovely tuner 

It longs for the joy of been seen

Walking hand in hand 

While the legs are crossed

We are together says the virtual sense
Oh! She’s like democracy 

Expensive to run and dividends

And I am like the dirty politician 

Polishing his mouth for sweet talks
Good things shall not pass me by

” some things are better left unsaid”

I said. Little she understands

Can I be him? 

Same as the dream said

Or can I be pushed 

As the status had said 

Living rich you want but,

A good life I offer.