I had love on a soft spot

Played my Romeo from the other side 

Every word said is an expression of love 

As though the wind carried my voice

To the curtains of my beloved. 
Our spring of love flowed gracefully 

The world could attest. The love 

Never seen or held

Weirdos we were in looks

In love we basked. 
The booming of the goons

Rustling leaves at the feet of fighters

The fight was brought to us

Unprepared we slept

our men of war spent the night in wine

Ladies led them home. 
The war was lost

Prisoners of war we became. 

The once graceful flower field 

Now lies dead as dirty feet walk it’s beauty away. 

Daily I whisper to the winds

Praying to hear the voice of my lover. 

A dame she became to the Victors

Kept behind mild curtains that secretes no emotion. 

I hear Her wailings. My heartbeat can tell

Once we were made single. Divided we are now. 

The barrels speak with high tension

As she walked past day by day. 

My mouth has been kept shut 

It’s now the secret pact to my livelihood. 
I shall not live to watch her go. 

Let my voice be heard from afar. 

Oh! Gracious wind i plead

One more time I request 

Let her hear my songs of love. 

The ones we once sang under the oak tree. 

That speaks of love in its best form. 
The message was passed 

As I saw her little legs run across to my duty post. 

My body followed the lead. 

Under the oak tree we did meet. 

As the barrel did shout 

The shooter took a good aim. 

Am at peace. My heart is 

My name was written on her lips. 

In my arms she died. There was a smile. 

A real one to celebrate our love. 

I laid gently beside her cold body 

Waiting for the sound. The second barrel. 

It did come. It came and it was the final sound. 

Curtains which once concealed our secrets were blown open. 

As fate did change in a day. 


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