For the past few months, no other word has been at the frontline of our political life discussion as restructuring. Several groups; ethnic, political, religious and even civil societies have joined in the ceaseless chant for a restructured Nigeria. Well, a noble call for such a thing as restructuring is constitutional and not outside the... Continue Reading →



MEN! MEN! MEN! You all go about breaking hearts. getting things done your way. You call yourselves 'ballers' 'players' while not minding the harm done to the weaker vessels. You go about boasting about how many names have entered your list or how many ladies you've lied to. What you call a life is what... Continue Reading →


I keep on nodding my head to every situation. Trying to pull through while disregarding the obstacle but the trials never ignored me.


Walk fast! the best mum said to me Walking the street of this great city Was one of the best things to me? I was too young to understand She never make me realize She hid it all from me The pain, anguish, struggle and war A little boy cried out from a nearby building... Continue Reading →


Oh! The journey was stressful, exciting and annoying as the woman who sat beside me kept on shifting her bag thinking something might happen. Stories to tell, memories to recall and yes, events to note. Ever travelled out of Lagos? Like outta Lagos state through a commercial bus. mehn! the realization of the statement “change... Continue Reading →

A Thousand and One. 

A thousand day and one  yet we keep on believing in your existence and just when our hope seems gloomy the emancipation of  a score and one illuminates our hope. Then our optimism strengthened and our prayers re-kindled  oh! Yea, we no longer pray in words ,fire is what takes place of our words we... Continue Reading →


You're from a very poor family. You lack the basic amenities of life. You with the rest of the family stay at your dilapitating grandpa's house. Over a century roofing shedding because of all this you can't make it in life. How pathetic. optimism! small a word but does a lot. What makes you... Continue Reading →

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