The fear of the closed sightSleeping dead and beautiesA side of life beyond your might;The night time. When enemies abound in multiplesAnd legs seen rapidly in tiptoes A drop of needle screams Shhhh! Beds are heavy. The night dark time. I clutch to my machete in fear Promising of a good fight If ever a... Continue Reading →



Google won't give me an answer Thoughts won't answer my callings The early skylark not to my wailings The laws set the way, not clear the Path. Probably say it all to my inklings. Right? A slow pain that crawls up my aching heart,I go through all those emotions what you meant to me...I wonder... Continue Reading →

The List

Oh! The heart spoke to meIt wept the day before. Even tho it rained gold from the skiesIt lost a loved one to the evaporation. Emotions were swept away. Back to the basics with the heart. Life! Why hath thou haunt me? Why had sorrow made my breakfastOr tears laid my bed to sleep on.... Continue Reading →


Why am I scared in her presence? Or her absence causing a feeling Filled with emptiness and solitude Why is it so easy to cradle for her hand?Oh those lovely grips-So out of this world. I am of the saber toothed heartWhere no emotion strays Conceal or be broken Show and be noticed Love and... Continue Reading →

Why live to die another day? 

The world is a war It ravages with itself  We fight the war to live, martyred  ones are silenced to glory  The really strong are ignored as only the pot bellied are given the accolades.  Everyday it's a new struggle A new race dashing through spilling shells of fire That sees not but destruction.  We'll... Continue Reading →


Hold the pen by the tip It must not slip Create in your form Give life to your words You were born of that Let's see the world through you.  Know!  That your words are sharper than swords  Kills faster than a lethal weapon  It's a creation of nature  Made through you  You were made... Continue Reading →


I had love on a soft spot Played my Romeo from the other side  Every word said is an expression of love  As though the wind carried my voice To the curtains of my beloved.  Our spring of love flowed gracefully  The world could attest. The love  Never seen or held Weirdos we were in... Continue Reading →


Let me speak out the anguish Bear no more the pain Lemme be the same lover you saw  Smiled as the figure came closer This was the love I wanted.  Divided not even by the shaking of the earth His presence sparked off the light  A brother you once called the stranger  Soon he grew... Continue Reading →


So I can't match the level The one the latter left unbeaten  I can't bear your ever increasing burden  My little lot can't do  My work pays off but in wages  Not even to go a date can it afford  My heart speaks and I listen  It sings the songs of joy  Pipered by the... Continue Reading →


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