Once young and innocent. Cuddled for love and affection A pure delight to my parents I commanded the lot. Yes I did! Cos there was me to be seen I made them see nothing else. He'd grow up to be great one dayThe scriptures read, the name said. I had the definition of pride. For... Continue Reading →



" "It takes a patriotically intelligent mind to elect a patriotic and intelligent  leader " A few weeks ago, UITEs subscribe to the "patriotic intelligentsia " agenda for we conceive that we as patriotic and intelligent student of the number one institution in Nigeria we need to be led by someone who is patriotic and not... Continue Reading →


Walk fast! the best mum said to me Walking the street of this great city Was one of the best things to me? I was too young to understand She never make me realize She hid it all from me The pain, anguish, struggle and war A little boy cried out from a nearby building... Continue Reading →

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